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Dogs have been a primary beneficiary of Nextdoor.com. Any shelter chief will tell you that a key to lower euphemasia (shelter killing) rates is keeping animals Out of the shelter in the first place. This community routinely mobilizes to bring our Bowser houdinis back home.

That said, there are a few scofflaw dogs (we’ll call them collectively ‘Spot’) who insist on pooping on other people’s lawns and public places — and then scampering away, scot-free. ‘Spot’ is the subject of routine plaintive howls in the NextDoor wilderness, especially if Dick or Jane comes home pungent.

I wanted to understand the scoop of this problem, and fortunately Ms. Google was there to help. According to the AVMA vets, there are 90 million canines in the US of A — that would make Napa’s (city) share about 22,000 if-my-math-is-right-which-is-always-dubious.

Now, let’s assume they poop on average 1.5 times /day (your fecalage may vary). That means that there are some 33,000(!) local pooch piles/day. Seeking a proper visual aid after rejecting weight and volume, I came up with this inspiration: if All those piles went un-or-incompletely managed (piles and orphan baggies), that would mean we Napans could festoon Hwy 29, in the five miles from Imola to Salvador, with a pile or bag Every Nine Inches! EVERY Day! The tourists would go wild — and elsewhere. Obviously, that’s not happening.

My primary takeaway is that ‘Spot’ is a rare breed, indeed. Further, I will venture a guess that Spot’s people rarely read NextDoor very closely. Some may even take perverse pride in their canine’s accomplishments — weird, I know, but think of the several anti-vaxxers who remain in our midst. It’s like that.

So, what’s to be done? Well, sun’s out, balloons decorate the morning sky and the Wine Train whistle is a welcome harbinger of the season (no complaining threads, please). This is really a wonderful community. Let’s celebrate it with photos of our compliant canines — just be sure to watch your step!

I’ll start, with Jackson and Angus:

Jackson (Browne)

Angus Collie

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